HTML5 canvas Label Tutorial

To create a text label with Konva, which can be used for creating text with backgrounds, simple tooltips, or tooltips with pointers, we can instantiate a Konva.Label() object.

For a full list of attributes and methods, check out the Konva.Label documentation.

Konva Label Demoview raw
<!DOCTYPE html>

<script src="[email protected]/konva.min.js"></script>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Konva Label Demo</title>
body {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
overflow: hidden;
background-color: #F0F0F0;

<div id="container"></div>
var stage = new Konva.Stage({
container: 'container',
width: window.innerWidth,
height: window.innerHeight

var layer = new Konva.Layer();

// tooltip
var tooltip = new Konva.Label({
x: 170,
y: 75,
opacity: 0.75

tooltip.add(new Konva.Tag({
fill: 'black',
pointerDirection: 'down',
pointerWidth: 10,
pointerHeight: 10,
lineJoin: 'round',
shadowColor: 'black',
shadowBlur: 10,
shadowOffset: 10,
shadowOpacity: 0.5

tooltip.add(new Konva.Text({
text: 'Tooltip pointing down',
fontFamily: 'Calibri',
fontSize: 18,
padding: 5,
fill: 'white'

// label with left pointer
var labelLeft = new Konva.Label({
x: 20,
y: 130,
opacity: 0.75

labelLeft.add(new Konva.Tag({
fill: 'green',
pointerDirection: 'left',
pointerWidth: 20,
pointerHeight: 28,
lineJoin: 'round'

labelLeft.add(new Konva.Text({
text: 'Label pointing left',
fontFamily: 'Calibri',
fontSize: 18,
padding: 5,
fill: 'white'

// simple label
var simpleLabel = new Konva.Label({
x: 180,
y: 150,
opacity: 0.75

simpleLabel.add(new Konva.Tag({
fill: 'yellow'

simpleLabel.add(new Konva.Text({
text: 'Simple label',
fontFamily: 'Calibri',
fontSize: 18,
padding: 5,
fill: 'black'

// add the labels to layer

// add the layer to the stage