HTML5 Canvas How to avoid Memory leaks Tip

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Deleting shapes

There are two very close methods remove() and destroy(). If you need to completely delete a node you should destroy() it. The destroy() method deletes all references to node from the KonvaJS engine. If you are going to reuse a node you should remove() it then later you can add it again to any container.


When you are using Konva.Tween instance you have to destroy it after usage.

var tween = new Konva.Tween({
node : circle,
x : 0,
duration : 0.5,
onFinish : function() {
// remove all references from Konva

Or if you don’t need to reuse the tween you can use the new to() method:

// the tween will be automatically started and destroyed on finish{
x : 0,
duration : 0.5